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Our smokers. 

The Twin Barrell Pit Trailer

 This is a BIG one and one of a kind this is a  new Smoker for 2015 in fact it is currently the only twin in Europe and certainly the largest capacity BBQ to.  It has two large smoker pits side by side mounted on a trailer with a chargrill on the front and hot box on the rear, to give you and idea it can hold 200- 1/2 Chickens Or: 120  - 10lb. Pork Butts, this BBQ gives the option to have different things going on at any one time.(this smoker is currently in build and due for delivery mid June). 

The BBQ Train 

This we have had now for five years and it's a very unique little train. Well not so little when it comes to BBQ's  it's been seen at many events around the UK and the Pulled pork has been enjoyed by many. This BBQ still has a large capacity but can't give the options as the twin due to the sze of the smoker.